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In order to change the narrative on drugs and drug users, education is key. We provide education and trainings on topics such as overdose response and reversal and Harm Reduction practices.


We are available to train staff/volunteers of your business or organization on how to respond to an overdose. Please email us if you are interested in setting up a training or have any questions regarding training and education.




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Many communities have been harmed not only by drug use but also by the militaristic policing strategies and crime resulting from the black market drug trade that have come to define the modern "War on Drugs". TCHRC works to advocate for policies that get at the root of tackling substance use and SUDs as matters of public health, not criminal justice. As such, TCHRC seeks to organize, build, and grow with similar-minded community organizations and groups. Uniting with other groups can only strenthen our collective efforts.

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"Nothing about us without us" has often been a rally cry in Harm Reduction circles. Nothing we do could be done anywhere near as effectively without the hard work and expertise of drug users. If you're a drug user (current, former, just on the weekends...) who is interested in fighting for (or maybe just informing folks about, if you're a non-confrontational type) common sense laws and policies that concern drug users and/or want to get involved in all that TCHRC does, don't hesitate to reach out and get involved! Who says drug users can't organize?!? Join us!

Meeting people where they're at means employing a diverse and flexible outreach strategy. TCHRC has worked with detoxes, treatment centers, jails, MAT providers, and shelters to provide education on drug user health and to ensure people have access to naloxone and other services. We also do regular ol' street outreach (i.e. walking around and talking to folks out in the community), for which there is no substitute. If you or anyone you know are in need of our services, we're happy to help!

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